Speedhunters Represent

The  team from Speedhunters will be in attendance at Tunerfest and on the look-out for the next big thing. Make sure you and your car are in tip top condition and maybe you will be one of the global superstars of tomorrow after a feature on the world’s most influential car culture website.

Speedhunters is a car culture blog site featuring the finest automotive writers, photographers and drivers from across the globe to bring you a daily dose of car features, internet stories, HD short films, event galleries and automotive diatribes. Over the course of the year the Speedhunters team  racking up the air miles and travel the globe to hunt down and highlight the most relevant and exciting events, street machines and race cars.

More details of the Speedhunters area will be announced shortly.

For more information on Speedhunters or to check out some of their work check out the website www.speedhunters.com