Pro Drift Demo

There’s no doubt that Drifting is one of the most spectacular forms of motorsport on the planet. Whilst there’s no competition at Brands this year, we are delighted to welcome top-level competitors and who will be showing you how it’s done.

There will be two full-on demonstrations, with initiation starting on the approach to the left-hander at Surtees, following through the right-handers of McLaren, Clearways and Clark Curve – a series of bends not for the faint hearted and, with an exit speed of well over 100mph, it’s one of the fastest Drift courses in the world.

You can also get up close and personal with the Drift cars and drivers at Tunerfest, with the teams more than happy to chat about their sport and show you round the cars from their display area in the upper paddock.

Make no mistake, Drifting at Brands is a special occasion. Because of our experience of running events and, with the much appreciated co-operation of MSV, only Tunerfest has permission to showcase this spectacular form of motorsport. But be warned, with noise and safety requirements becoming ever more implemented, this may be last time you ever see Drifting at this venue – so don’t miss it!

So, grab your cameras, kids and friends and come and witness a smoke-fest of sideways action!